Tacticon 30 Special Guests

Joe Thomas

Kahn of the Con

The Kahn of the Con

At Genghis Con 42, a new tradition was started wherein the person at the convention deemed to most well embody the spirit of gaming was named Kahn of the Con!

Our inaugural Kahn is Joe Thomas! Joe will remain Kahn until Genghis Con 43, where he will pass along the mantle to the next gamer deemed worthy!

Joe Thomas was born in 1973 and has unconsciously avoided most of the safe jobs that wandered across his path, resulting in lots of interesting stories but little else. Married to a wonderful woman who is a much better person than he is, he now hopes that some of her awesomeness will rub off on him while he earns money by moving things that other people don’t want. He enjoys strong coffee at conventions (because after reading Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Author’s Biographies from Good Omens, he wonders if anyone actually does read these…).


Leonard Pimentel

Vice-President & Business Manager of Evil Beagle Games

President of LakeSide Games

Leonard Pimentel is Vice President and Business Manager for Evil Beagle Games as well as the Brand Manager and Lead Writer/Designer for the Prowlers & Paragons and Furious Games game lines. He has been involved with roleplaying games since the sixth grade, when he came across that fateful article in Dynamite magazine that sent him tumbling into Mr. Moldvay?s clutches.

Len has been writing and tinkering with role playing games for a long time, since 1984 in fact, when he sent the fine folks at TSR a detailed letter explaining how they could improve Jeff Grubb?s Marvel Super Heroes role playing game. Obviously, Len was way out of his league. Thankfully, Jeff and the fine folks at TSR ignored Len?s ideas and implemented their own when they created the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set, an incredibly influential and enduring roleplaying game that people still enjoy to this day. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere. Len?s design and writing credits include TNT (The Narrative Toolbox), Prowlers & Paragons, Hughesville High, Paragons!, Magnum Fury, Six-Gun Fury, and the soon to be released Prowlers & Paragons Ultimate Edition and Pinnacle City?s Most Wanted.

Len hopes to one day receive a detailed letter from some kid telling him how to improve one of his games, because on that day, he will know he has arrived.